The Chronicle of Crazy Stick

Welcome to the beginning of the end
A prologue

In all of history, famous heroes have wielded mighty weapons of good and evil, great swords and shields, staves and bows. For the greatest Heroes or Heroines, there exists a legendary item of unbelievable power. Most, if not all, of these items are Artifacts handed down by the gods, or crafted by ancient, powerful wizards long since forgotten. But a rumor has been spreading, a whisper in the wind.

Something more powerful exists. An item that could scare even the gods. A weapon that can strike down anything. A magical object that can alter reality. It has been known to take only one form. A rod.

There is a story of a plane-touched woman, born to a human father and a half-angel mother, who came across this rod, and made a name for herself. It became her signature weapon. She called it her Rod of Wonder. No one knows if the insane stories are true, but one thing is certain. Shuril Rodem, Wild Mage is a chapter of history that will never be forgotten.

But she is just one wielder of the rod. The only one anyone has ever heard of. No one knows where the rod came from, just that it exists. Many people would say these are just stories, but they are truth, and there exists evidence to prove it.

That, my friends, is where our story begins. The search for the rod begins with finding evidence that it is real.


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