Crazy Stick



Crazy Stick, Magical Rod.

Known Functions:

Rod of Wonder effect 1/day.
- Recharges in 24 hours or after a full night’s rest, whichever happens first.

Magic users are capable of casting spells through the rod.


The Rod be made of some unknown material, very dark like obsidian, and is about as smooth, but is much lighter and has a texture that makes it much easier to hold on to.

No information on the rod is generally verifiable, as the story of Crazy Stick is akin to legend or folklore and warps and twists the farther you travel, though it seems more people than expected have heard of or know about Crazy Stick.

The name came from the people who were witness to the power of the rod, not the users of the rod throughout its history, more out of fear than anything else.

Crazy Stick

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